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Buildezi has a strong history and specialised focus in brick and block laying. We have extensive knowledge of the latest technology and methods for brick work.


Hebel is an alternative masonry building product to bricks. Hebel comes in blocks or panels and in a range of sizes. It is an environmentally sustainable product used for residential, commercial, industrial and civil building projects.

Helical Wall Ties

Depending on the manufacturer and brand, Helical Wall Ties are referred to by different names: Heli-Tie, Helifix, or Blok-Lok for example. They are used for tying brick, masonry or timber walls. They come in handy for remedial work and new constructions.


Repointing is the technical word used to describe “repairing mortar joints in bricks”. Weathering and age can cause the mortar in brick walls to deteriorate, which may allow unwanted water or other external bodies through the wall.

Residential Bricklaying

New homes will often require residential bricklayers to build the walls of the structure, letterbox and other hard landscaping structures. Bricklayers coordinate their work with other trades to ensure the bricklaying work of high quality.

Building Repairs

Building Repairs

Buildezi is an experienced remedial builder, to bring your construction back to into form. We treat all small building repairs and major remedial work with close attention and professional craftsmanship.

Rising Damp

Rising Damp has caused trouble for builders since the ancient times. This term refers to when water is absorbed by a wall or foundation, rising up through that structure. There are special methods in construction to prevent rising damp however there are very many situations where experts need to fix and prevent further damage being caused.

Building Renovation

Both residential and commercial buildings can become broken, damaged or outdated. Undertaking a building renovation can improve the safety, function and value of a building. Planning and management is an important part of any successful building renovation.

Remedial Building

Remedial building is the process of stopping, reversing and/or fixing damage to a building structure. Some common problems dealt with by remedial builders include concrete cancer and weathering. Remedial builders may employ a range of of basic and technical methods, such as waterproofing, surface painting and structural engineering.

Building Insurance Claims

Building insurance claims can occur before, during or after a construction is complete. Claims occurring before or during construction will often involve NSW Government Fair Trading. Damages caused by heavy weather conditions or accidents will often be referred via an Insurance Agency. Check your insurance policy to see if you can nominate your own preferred builder in the case of a home insurance claim.

Strata Maintenance

Some Sydney properties are part of a Strata Scheme. Many of these schemes include planning and budgeting for ongoing building maintenance and improvements. Scheduled strata maintenance can help keep properties up to their full market value potential.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Certain industries such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics may require periodical maintenance to their buildings and facilities, due to high traffic and usage. Commercial property maintenance will enhance safety, function and appearance.

Office Strip Out

Relocating an office, factory, shop, warehouse or any building involves stripping out the equipment and fixtures that were unique to that business to make room for the next occupants. This process involves managing and tracking assets, coordinating services, removing and disposing rubbish.


For all new constructions, wet areas in any building must be properly waterproofed to comply with Australian Standards, by trained and qualified trades people. Both internal and external areas can benefit from waterproofing to prevent or repair water damage.

Bathroom Stripout

This means that all our standard bathroom wall strip outs are completed within a single visit in order to minimise the disruption to your daily proceedings and get your bathroom renovation well on its way!

Project Management

Project Management

We provide project services as a specific engagement against a defined scope, or as secondments into the client's organisation to provide the short-term injection of expertise needed to manage the complexities and challenges of project management.

Project Management

Residential and commercial constructions, shop fitouts and other constructions – project management is the process of consulting the client, planning the job, organising trades, monitoring and managing construction works, and delivering the project to specification as planned.